Loosing Weight

Hello Everyone,

I have been a bit busy being a Mom, baking cakes & loosing weight :). I gained so much weight during my pregnancy. A Lot!!! And, I felt it was time that I shed some (which means all and more)

I did LCHF for a while, but landed me in the ER since it consisted of just too much processed foods. And, of course the excessive sodium. So, I regrouped and started another program. It is the DASH diet, which, I have somewhat modified.

So far the weight loss have been going well. I do hit a couple plateaus now and then, but, I am keeping on.

I will upload photos of my journey soon.

Take Care


Birthday Girl’s Cake



I am so happy to share this cake that I did with you all. It has been weeks in the making. The details were soooooo much. I do feel VERY rewarded. The entire cake is Bridal Butter cake with wedding frosting. The entire cake is frosted in buttercream, with fondant accents.

The figurines were handmade. I have to admit; I do love this cake.

All hand sculpted.

All hand sculpted.

Long Time!

Well my lovelies, I have been busy with a few things. Being a Mom has certainly occupied my life; and continue to be my most demanding chore to date. My little Angel had been going through a few things. Thankfully to GOD he is much much much better.

He is now 18 months old – Yayyy!! So bright, loving and he is moving right along. He is definitely becoming his own person. Developing his likes and dislikes, he is VERY strong willed and he is just the light of my life. Oh! How I love him. He has his teeth :) Actually 8 of them/ almost 10 and he is really using them – hehehe!

He is so in love with Oatmeal, eats his yogurt and just a happy Toddler.

I will post some photos of him – Updated ones.

Catching Up

Wow!!!!!!! I can’t believe I have not posted in so long. So much has happened and been going on in my life. And, these issues DEMANDED my attention. But, I am HAPPY to be back and be able to seriously get down to my blogging. Even though A LOT has changed with the way I  eat. But, baking and cooking is what I do not just for fun, but, for relaxation.

My Baby’s Birthday – Planning His Party

So, it is time to start thinking about my Son’s 1st Birthday Party!!!!! Wow! How time flies :). In July; he will be 1. As you will discover,I do not like to do anything last-minute. So, I think I should buckle down and start getting some ideas going.

Also early planning will allow for you to buy things ahead, thus minimizing the stress and hustle, while, also saving ;). I do not know what Theme I am going t do yet. I am thinking something like Baby Einstein or just a Royalty Theme. Anyway, I will need to get that together so that I can get menu ideas, decorations and cake ideas together.

One thing I know is that My Son will be just happy having his Mom and Dad with Him. Thank GOD for this little Angel he has placed in our lives.

 Stay Blessed…..


Wedding Cakes

So, I  had the privilege of creating a Wedding and Groom Cake for a small Wedding. The cakes were cute ,and, fun to do. The Bride’s cake is Vanilla cake w/ raspberry filling and, my homemade fondant – Yummy

Bride's Cake

Bride’s Cake

For the Groom Cake, they chose Vanilla cake with pecan and caramel filling. Since the Groom is a Superman fan, they wanted that added in someway to the cake.

Groom's Cake

Groom’s Cake

Stay Blessed