Party Planning

My Baby’s Birthday – Planning His Party

So, it is time to start thinking about my Son’s 1st Birthday Party!!!!! Wow! How time flies :). In July; he will be 1. As you will discover,I do not like to do anything last-minute. So, I think I should buckle down and start getting some ideas going.

Also early planning will allow for you to buy things ahead, thus minimizing the stress and hustle, while, also saving ;). I do not know what Theme I am going t do yet. I am thinking something like Baby Einstein or just a Royalty Theme. Anyway, I will need to get that together so that I can get menu ideas, decorations and cake ideas together.

One thing I know is that My Son will be just happy having his Mom and Dad with Him. Thank GOD for this little Angel he has placed in our lives.

 Stay Blessed…..



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