Meet Cassy

Yours Truly!

I am Cassy Benoit, a 30 Something year old Mom and Child of GOD! I created this blog to document my fun moments, my adventures and my challenges.

I will post a lot of interesting things that are going on in my life. I am currently a Cake Designer and a Student. And, my most proud job is being a Mom to my ‘Miracle Baby Boy!’ He is such a Darling, and I love him SO MUCH! Words cannot explain the way I feel about him. I Thank GOD for him every second of my life. He has brought so much light, and, has literally life back within me. I could go on and on about him for days ….. 🙂

I also enjoy Cake making and designing. and I spend a lot of time being innovative – trying new things and experimenting. It is a Career that I will never get fed-up off. As much as it makes me frustrated, it is also very relaxing. It challenges me to do the ‘next’ thing. To push myself and to look at all the work pay off when someone is so happy to see what can be created with ‘cake’. I get the giggles everytime someone says ‘You made that?’ hehehe. Admittedly is is very addictive.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I will enjoy sharing as much as I can with you all.








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